Want to Lose Belly Fat in As Little As Two Weeks? Quit Your Ab Workout & Try This!

Your ultimate weapon to torch the belly fat is here!

Imagine this:

You chose a diet plan hoping to shed some pounds and belly fat. You do lose some weight, but there is something about your weight that is not looking good - BELLY FAT!!

Although there was some weight loss, your belly fat doesn't seem to yield! It's clinging onto you like a sloth.

You made every effort to get rid of the annoying blubber, yet there it is strong and stubborn as ever! Cutting calories, brutal ab exercises, “spot reduction” techniques, you tried it all only to be disappointed. Fingers crossed you decide to give it some time, after all, it is belly fat. But hope and time don't melt belly fat!

Stressed and frustrated your willpower drops to zero and pushes you back to your old eating habits. If you don't see results all that planning, strict calorie counting and hours of killing yourself in the gym seem worthless. You convince yourself not to bother trying since there are no noticeable changes.

If this was you in the past, don't fret. Most of us are stuck here while on a weight loss plan, especially while trying to lose belly fat. That's the BAD NEWS, but the truth is it's not difficult to lose belly fat. It doesn't even take a month to lose it. You can start seeing results within weeks IF you make the RIGHT CHOICE!

Here's your MOMENT OF TRUTH and it is SWEET!


If you assumed losing belly fat is all about killer ab exercises and missing delicious food. Think again!

What you are going to read further is going to have a profound effect on your health. If you are serious about losing belly fat, then don't waste your time on ab exercises and ridiculous diets. In this article, you will get to know what it takes to transform your body into a fat burning machine. You'll understand:

  1. Why you SHOULD take action on your belly fat right NOW.
  2. Top two reasons that cause a quick gain in belly fat.
  3. Why strenuous ab workouts don't help to lose belly fat.
  4. How to get rid of belly fat by following two simple steps.
  5. How to adhere to these steps and keep at it with the help of your new secret weapon.

Are you worried about belly fat ONLY because it looks unappealing?


Some loose clothing in the summer and heavy jackets in the winter can conceal that spare tire right? Why should we even worry about it?

You are right it does hide, but did you know that belly fat does more harm to your health than it does to your looks?

Research shows that carrying belly fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. So, whether or not you are heavy, if you have a lot of fat around your waistline, it is time to take action. 

A cover-up will not work when it comes to your health! There can be many reasons to lose your belly fat, but we think the next few paragraphs are enough to motivate you to act on it.

Why you should take action on belly fat right now

Belly fat sits around your midriff area, and it is not just one big mass of blubber. Both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat is what is your belly fat. Visceral fat is the fat near your belly, enveloping the vital organs like liver, intestines, and kidney. It is the most dangerous as it increases the risk of many degenerative diseases. Subcutaneous fat is aptly named as it is the layer of fat just under your skin. It is visible, and you can feel it if you can pinch about an inch or more. Also found in thighs and buttock, besides the belly region. Although visceral fat is the most notorious only a CT scan can tell if the fat in your belly is subcutaneous or visceral and it is expensive. So the best approach is to lose belly fat altogether so you can cut the risk of a plethora of diseases.

Here some strong reasons why you should TAKE ACTION on your belly fat now!

  • Colorectal cancer
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Encourages more fat build-up and obesity
  • Creates hormonal imbalance
  • Sleep apnea
  • Breast cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Insulin resistance type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Liver damage due to chronic inflammation
  • Wraps up harmful toxins and makes it difficult for the body to flush it out

This causes quick weight gain around your belly


If you have been thinking about losing belly fat, it's time you approach it with a different perspective. Your efforts are not paying off because you are likely not addressing the root cause of the problem. Two factors play a critical role when it comes to belly fat: Stress and high carbohydrate foods (refined flours, processed foods, sugary drinks, etc). Chronic stress causes high levels of cortisol, while high carb foods shoot your blood sugar levels.

  1. Cortisol hormone (Stress): Cortisol is the stress hormone linked to abdominal fat storage. A study from Yale University found that women with a healthy weight but with high cortisol levels had more abdominal fat(1).
  2. Spike in blood sugar level ( High carb foods): Choosing high carb foods and eating too many carbs can shoot your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels hinder with your body's ability to burn fat and instead promotes storage.

Too much stress lead to poor food habits (nutrition), and poor nutrition increases stress levels. It's a vicious cycle, and it appears as though Mother Nature conspired this combination. The reality is you don't have to live with it if you address the underlying issue. There is a way to fix this problem and we'll share more about it later in this article. But first, let's clear the air about ab workouts.

What about ab workouts?


If you've been working your abs out, good for you, no doubt it is a fantastic exercise to get strong ab muscles. However, it doesn't fit the bill when it comes to reducing belly fat.

It is a common misconception that crunching, twisting, side bending, and other strenuous ab exercises helps burn belly fat. Unfortunately, they do little to no good to reduce belly fat.

Many studies show that spot reduction is not possible and training one area will not help lose fat in that particular spot(2, 3). Also, here is another undeniable fact! Your toned abdominal muscles will not be visible if a thick layer of belly fat covers them.

So the bottom line, crunches, ab exercises will not help you lose stubborn belly fat. If ab exercises don't work, what else does? Stay with us to find out!

All it takes to lose belly fat quickly is just two simple steps!

The only way to lose belly fat is to burn fat and cut the factors that encourage belly fat in the first place. You can melt away stubborn belly fat for sure without killer ab workouts! YES! YOU READ IT RIGHT!! You can do it with these two steps.

Step 1: Reduce your cortisol levels


Cortisol is a hormone that is made by the body when you are under stress. You do need some amount of cortisol to keep you healthy. It is a hormone responsible for quick action during life-threatening situations. But you don't belong to the hunter-gatherer era, yet our present lifestyle does increase stress levels. Chronic stress causes too much cortisol production which leads to plenty of health issues including belly fat. Here are four simple things you can do to keep your cortisol levels at check.

Tip 1: Get enough sleep (at least 8 hours). For healthy sleeping habits avoid caffeine at night, limit exposure to bright lights and electronic media few hours before sleep.
Tip 2: Practice breathing exercises. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress as it signals your brain to calm down and relax. Practice breathing exercise such as breath counting often used in Zen practice.
Tip 3: Be mindful. Being present at the moment is one of the great ways to practice mindfulness. Instead of working on autopilot try to be aware and conscious of your actions. Keep a gratitude journal and write every day.
Tip 4: Be physically active: A daily exercise regimen helps maintain a healthy weight and also lowers stress. Follow any exercise that you like for 30 minutes such as a brisk walk, swimming, running, etc

Step 2: Start eating low carb foods that help you burn the belly fat for you.


Just by altering your food choices you can lose weight and keep it off for life. Low carb foods make it possible as it reduces the sugar levels in the blood and triggers the break down of stubborn fat cells for energy needs. Science tells that losing weight comes down to 80% what we eat and only 20% exercise. It is the crucial reason why eating low carb works and is a huge success when it comes to losing belly fat. It's a fact and it's backed by science(4).

When you switch to a low carb diet, weight loss happens naturally without exercise intervention. Sadly, our current eating habits encourage plenty of carbohydrates which spike blood sugar levels and insulin too. High insulin levels hinder the body's feedback mechanism by blocking the brain's fullness detecting sensation. Because of this block, your brain continually senses starvation leading to frequent hunger pangs and overeating. It eventually leads to belly fat and weight gain.

Remember, if you don't start making changes to your eating habits, your stubborn belly fat is here to stay.

The fastest and efficient way to break this downward spiral is to follow a low carb meal plan. We understand it can be intimidating to start a healthy eating plan. Choosing the right foods, shopping, planning all of it can sound like a lot of work.

But we've got you covered on this with our low carb meal plan. We have done all the work for you, so you don't have to worry about the logistics part of starting a low carb meal plan.

You are naturally equipped to burn belly fat, why not give your body the CHANCE to do so!


Start a low carb meal plan today and see how the trajectory of your weight loss changes within a week of giving it a try. You are naturally equipped to burn belly fat, why not give your body the CHANCE to do so!

Once you get started with the meal plan you can:

  • Banish belly fat once for all.
  • Stop tiring yourself with worthless ab exercises.
  • See some actual results.
  • Feel healthy and vibrant!

Choose the low carb way, because this is the most efficient way to put your body in the “belly-fat burning” mode. A randomized control study (the gold standard for studies) compared a low-carb to a low-fat diet. The results showed that a low-carb diet brought significant weight loss among obese subjects and also improved blood parameters such as insulin sensitivity, blood sugar and triglyceride levels in the low-carb group. The low-carb group lost as much as three times more weight than the low-fat group(5).

Here is a most recent research from a study(6) co-led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says,

“Overweight adults who cut carbohydrates from their diets and replaced them with fat increased their metabolism and were able to burn more calories daily when compared with people who ate a high-carb, low-fat diet”.

- Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Calories from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins influence weight loss in different ways. If you know how to leverage this information it is your key to optimal weight loss. Our low carb meal plan is all about this. Eating the right nutrients (carbs, proteins, and healthy fats) in specific proportion to give your body the energy it needs while burning fat throughout the day. Our low carb meal plan helps you lose belly fat and excess body weight without feeling tired, hungry and deprived!

It's not about eliminating carbs altogether. You'll consume carbohydrates but selectively. Our recipes are crafted to include healthy carbs that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help you burn belly fat.

The key is NOT TO TREAT ALL CALORIES AS SAME. Our low carb meal plan guides you to be vigilant of how many calories you're eating from each macronutrient group on a daily basis. These proportions work for most people:

  • 10-30% calories from carbohydrates (mostly fruits and vegetables)
  • 40-60% calories from fats (mainly healthy fats likes nuts, seeds, etc.)
  • 20-40% calories from proteins (both plant and animal sources are good)

Benefits of this meal plan

  • No counting calories.
  • Recipes are already worked at right proportions to make it easy.
  • No need for calculating nutritional values.
  • Guided weekly meal plan.
  • A step-by-step blueprint for losing belly fat.
  • Simple and clear directions to make delicious recipes.
  • Healthy recipes that keep you energized and feeling the best.
  • Includes a handy grocery list of belly fat-burning ingredients for recipes.
  • Option to swap food items or recipes.

How is this diet plan different from the rest?

  • Backed by science. Studies show low carb diets lead to significant weight loss versus low fat.
  • No strict calorie restrictions.
  • Recipes are crafted to keep you full for long, and you'll never overeat.
  • You are not carb deprived; we encourage healthy carbs.
  • Includes healthy fats that keep you full.
  • Staying at your ideal body weight for life is easy.

Say “YES” to losing stubborn belly fat! - Make it Happen!!


All you need to do is to follow this science-backed meal plan to achieve sustainable weight loss. That's it! You'll see noticeable results in just a few weeks of starting the plan.

If you're truly serious about losing belly fat and take charge of your health, take the leap now! Get our Low Carb Meal Plan today and experience the transformational changes in as little as two days of starting the meal plan.

Yes, losing that stubborn weight is now easy. Melt several pounds of fat per week starting today. Needless to say that you will love the healthier and slimmer version of yourself. 

Feel empowered start our Low carb meal plan. It is your ultimate weapon to torch the belly fat. Banish it once and for all!


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